Larry H. Miller employees have always strived to deliver outstanding products and services to our customers. This hard work has yielded consistent, long-term success and helped us realize our vision of being the best place in town to work and the best place in town to do business. I appreciate and applaud those efforts, and I am proud of our many accomplishments.

What gives me the most pride, however, is the way we go about achieving our goals. When faced with difficult decisions during the course of our work, we choose the higher road over the easier path— using our company values of integrity, hard work, service, and stewardship to guide our decisions.

The Larry H. Miller Group of Companies Board of Directors and the senior management team are committed to our company’s core values, and we expect that same commitment from every employee.

Our newly expanded Code of Conduct (available in English and Spanish) outlines the guiding principles that can help us make the right decisions when confronted with challenging circumstances. Please read it carefully, become familiar with the principles contained in the Code, and refer to it as needed.

We are all accountable for upholding and abiding by the Code of Conduct. It applies equally to all employees, directors, and officers of the Group, and to all third parties that conduct business on behalf of our business entities. If you see or suspect that unethical behavior has occurred, you are obligated to come forward with your concerns. Contact your supervisor. Call the Ethics Helpline.  Above all, do not abandon your responsibility because of fear. We will not tolerate retaliation against anyone who raises issues in good faith.

Thank you for doing what it takes to maintain the LHM legacy of success and integrity.


Clark Whitworth
CEO, Larry H. Miller Group of Companies


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