Celebrating Women’s History Month

In March, we turn our attention to the incredible and varied contributions of women throughout history as we celebrate Women’s History Month. 

Several organizations have joined together to commemorate and encourage the celebration, observance, and study of the vital role of women in the history of our country and their influence on our culture. Explore these fascinating virtual exhibitions and resources that examine how girls and women of all ages have challenged expectations and social norms, spoken up, and been on the frontlines to inspire change: 

Our company’s owner, Gail Miller, continues to inspire generations of girls and women to achieve their goals. In her own words, “How important it is, when you realize you have something to give, that you give it, that you don’t hold back, even if you’re afraid to do so. Don’t hold back because you’ve been given opportunities, gifts, and talents for a reason.” 

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, World Trade Center Utah will host a pair of panel discussions highlighting women entrepreneurs. Learn more about the event.

We invite you to reflect on the role of women in your own life and express appreciation for their contributions. 

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