Varied experiences are united by core values of service and hard work

Johnny Hunt’s unique career path has taken a few surprising turns. Despite the unexpected path he has been on throughout his professional life, his varied experiences are united by the core values of service and hard work.

Johnny’s career began in the retail industry. He was on track to advance to a management role and saw a bright future in this fast-paced industry. But when a friend joined the National Guard in 2006, Johnny decided to change his plans. The opportunity to serve his country while continuing civilian life appealed to Johnny and he decided to enlist in the National Guard as a field artillery soldier. 

Johnny has been deployed on two year-long tours of duty, serving in Iraq in 2007 and Afghanistan in 2018. While in Iraq, he served as a member of the Military Police, escorting detainees to medical appointments. While attending these appointments, he heard Arabic phrases being translated into English and began to pick up the language, developing an interest in learning more. 

Johnny later completed officer candidate school and commissioned into military intelligence to pursue his passion for languages. He is currently serving in the 141st Military Intelligence Battalion as the Commander for Bravo Company in Orem, Utah, leading a team of linguistics experts on international missions. 

When asked what he’s learned by joining the Nation Guard, Johnny said, “The National Guard teaches leadership qualities that you don’t find elsewhere. It teaches you to manage people and help them reach their goals and to identify strengths and weaknesses in others. It helps you develop yourself by becoming a better leader. It’s given me a sense of belonging and comradery with my team.”

Hunt family outdoors

Johnny returned from Iraq in 2008 and began working for Advanced Health Care of Murray as a rehabilitation technician. While attending college, he worked as a van driver, which gave him the flexibility he needed to complete his degree. In that role, he often found himself in hospitals and realized he enjoyed interacting with patients and their family members. 

Next, he took a marketing role that eventually led to an opportunity for an administrator in training (AIT) position in Colorado. Johnny excelled as an AIT and earned the opportunity to become the administrator at Advanced Health Care of Reno in 2015, where he’s currently leading an amazing team of healthcare professionals. 

“I truly find joy in what I do—taking care of the people who treat patients.” Johnny continued, “I love meeting with the family members of our patients. Family members are facing hard challenges. It’s good for us to know what they need and then meet their needs with our five-star treatment. It’s a point of pride to say I work for Advanced Health Care of Reno.” Johnny enjoys spending time golfing, hiking, and riding mountain bikes with his wife, Cindy, and their three daughters. 

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