Larry H. Miller Dealerships Begins Online Parts Sales Direct to Consumers

SALT LAKE CITY – Larry H. Miller Dealerships announced today that they have begun selling vehicle parts direct to customers online through a new e-commerce platform, currently available through 20 Larry H. Miller dealership websites. The platform will continue to roll out on the group’s dealership websites throughout the year.  

“Consumers are savvy when shopping online for the best deal and the best quality item. We are committed to providing a seamless experience to our customers, and are proud to offer a quick and convenient way to purchase parts online; whether purchasing a single standalone item or in conjunction with an installation,” said Dean Fitzpatrick, president, Larry H. Miller Dealerships. 

The platform is a unique collaboration with Google, which includes the placement of product listings on Google’s search engine enabling customers the ability to search parts inventory online. Parts can be purchased either individually or priced with an install by the dealership. 

“Knowing that consumers are increasingly purchasing goods through their smartphones, we began by building the e-commerce parts platform mobile-first, which can be an afterthought for many when developing an online store,” said Miran Maric, vice president of digital strategy, Larry H. Miller Dealerships. “This platform gives customers the ability to order parts quickly and efficiently from their smartphones wherever they may be.”

In addition to the mobile version, the parts websites are also formatted for use on a desktop and a tablet. 


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