Miller and Huntsman Foundations Announce $1 Million Donation for Teen Centers

The Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation and the Huntsman Foundation make a joint donation of $1 million to the Davis Education Foundation to construct teen resource centers in Davis School District.

FARMINGTON, UT – The Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation and the Huntsman Foundation will announce their donation of $1 million for the construction of teen resource centers for at-risk students in a special meeting at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 6, in the auditorium at the Davis School District administration building, 45 E. State Street, Farmington.

Headed by Davis Education Foundation, the teen resource centers create safe spaces at school for at-risk students experiencing homelessness and other crisis. The centers allow students to shower, do laundry, study, eat and access critical resources such as hygiene essentials. Counselors and family service workers meet with students one-on-one in the centers to assess their needs, help them graduate from high school and complete college applications. 

The first teen resource center opened at Clearfield High in April 2021. The Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation and the Huntsman Foundation made a joint donation of $1 million to help construct five more centers in Davis School District.

“This is an important investment for our family. We believe the individuals at this teen center will go on to do great things and that this program can become a model for others to follow throughout the state,” said David Huntsman, president of the Huntsman Foundation. “We thank Gail Miller and the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation for their vision and generosity.” 

“From the moment I walked through the Clearfield High School Teen Center, I knew it was important for us to be involved in this great work,” said Gail Miller, chair of the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation. “We are proud to partner with the Huntsman Foundation, the Davis Education Foundation, and the State of Utah to form a public-private partnership that provides Utah’s youth a safe and secure place to build a fulfilling future. With investments like the high school teen centers, these students will go 

on to achieve their dreams, find success and elevate their world and ours by using their perspectives, experiences, leadership and education.” 

The involvement of both the Miller Family Foundation and the Huntsman Foundation helped push this work to the state level, creating a public/private partnership. Thanks to their support and Representative Steve Eliason, lawmakers approved $3.5 million in funding for teen resource centers. Districts in the state can apply for a grant through the Utah State Board of Education to access a portion of the funds to assist in building teen resource centers in their schools. 

“This work is made possible thanks to incredible people such as the Huntsman and Miller families,” said Jodi Lunt, executive director of Davis Education Foundation. “Our gratitude goes beyond words. Their commitment to providing resources for our most vulnerable youth will impact the lives of thousands and assist in breaking the cycle of chronic homelessness and intergenerational poverty.” 

The facilities at Northridge High, Layton High, Mountain High and the Renaissance Academy opened their doors this fall. The Woods Cross Teen Center is currently under construction. Three additional centers are planned at Bountiful High, Syracuse High and Viewmont High. 

About Davis Education Foundation

Davis Education Foundation is the nonprofit fundraising arm of Davis School District. It provides resources for 72,000 students and 8,000 employees in Davis County’s 92 public schools. The Foundation’s mission is to remove barriers to learning, provide educational opportunities to every student and create partnerships that connect the community through giving. 

About the Huntsman Foundation 

The Huntsman Foundation was established in 1988 by the late Jon M. Huntsman and his wife, Karen. The Foundation’s principal emphasis is cancer and mental health, as well as providing relief to the sick, the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged. The Foundation’s Board of Directors consists of Karen Huntsman and all nine children (or a family representative). Together they make decisions about where the foundation funds can be best utilized to fulfill their mission statement, always keeping in mind the intent and wishes of its founder, Jon M. Huntsman Sr.

About the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family FoundationThe Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation was established in 2007 to continue the philanthropic spirit exemplified by Larry and Gail Miller for future generations. The Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation supports programs that enrich lives and communities in the areas of health and medicine, shelter and food security, education and training, jobs and economic self-reliance, and cultural and spiritual enrichment.

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